We've rebranded our business and changed our name to Aviso Broking.

From Wednesday 8th February, 2023 your services will be provided under a new entity: Aviso Broking.

This change brings with it exciting new opportunities to both our people and to you, our customers.

Why did we change?

Scale provides more opportunities to innovate and develop and in an evolving marketplace, it is important for us to stay ahead of the game by investing in our capability and development of market leading practices.

To help unlock this potential we have recently joined forces with Aviso Broking and going forward, our activities will occur under the new entity.

Business Insurance Specialists

Why Aviso Broking?

Previously Pender Insurance.

Well, there are plenty of reasons really. We’re business insurance specialists that are part of one of Australia’s leading insurance broker networks, Steadfast, and Partner of the Aviso Group.

Not only that, collaborating with these major organisations improve our buying and negotiating power, meaning we offer you a range of insurance products and pricing options. And that’s just the beginning.

We put a strong emphasis on building relationships with our clients and understanding their businesses. The better we understand the activities your business is involved in, the better we can provide quality advice on risk exposures and protection strategies. This may be through insurance or even risk management, and importantly, we will work within a budget you can afford.

Business Insurance Products

At Pender Insurance, our service is consultative which means that we make it our goal to provide information and education for business owners to make informed decisions about the type of insurance protection needed for your particular business and industry sector.

We understand that SME businesses need to keep operating costs to a minimum, but also need suitable insurance that will respond appropriately. That’s why we present our clients with a variety of insurance options and help them choose a solution that works best for their individual needs.

If you’re looking for professional business insurance advice, we have the experience and understanding to offer you the solutions you need.

We service businesses across all kinds of industries like professional services, medical, management and IT consultants, manufacturing, import and export, retail, construction, earthmoving, transport, trades and more.

We’ve also developed specialised industry packages for certain sectors. These offer superior cover to most standard business policies, all at discounted pricing. It’s another way we go above and beyond to seek innovative ways to meet every insurance risk and need.

Industry Packages

If your business is a supermarket, licensed club, or involved in metal manufacturing, earthmoving, IT consulting or finance broking, you need commercial insurance advice from experienced professionals who understand your niche market. Pender Insurance appreciates the nuances of industry insurances and has packaged policies designed specifically for these sectors.