Cargo & Transit Insurance

Does your business transport stock either locally around Australia or internationally around the world?

Have you considered the financial repercussions if anything was to happen to this stock during transportation or any other time where you are liable for these goods?

Freight Insurance Options

The cost of lost or damaged freight in transit can be financially damaging to any size business. If you’re involved in moving goods locally or internationally, consider protecting them from loss, damage or theft with a high-quality Marine Cargo, Transit or Carriers Liability Insurance Policy. With our connections with leading cargo insurers, we’ll develop an insurance package that covers what you need, at the right price.

We have clients who transport all kinds of stock including fruit, vegetables, nuts, frozen goods, groceries, meat, livestock and manufacturing products. Depending on the protection you need, there are a variety of policies available:

Marine Cargo Insurance

When importing or exporting products or livestock, a Marine Cargo Insurance Policy will provide protection for loss or damage to the goods in transit. This covers from the time you take responsibility for the goods, to the time you or your customer takes possession. A high-quality Marine Cargo policy needs to be tailored specifically to meet your needs. We always take the time to understand your businesses and develop a policy that covers your goods adequately.

Transit Insurance

If you’re transporting goods or livestock within Australia or New Zealand by road, rail, sea or air, Inland Transit insurance is designed to provide protection from losses, damage or theft. We can provide a cost-effective policy for your business with reputable cargo insurance providers that will protect your valuable goods in transit.

Carriers Liability Insurance

If you’re a transport operator in the business of moving other companies’ goods, it’s essential to ensure you are not held financially liable if the products you are transporting are lost or damaged. We can help protect you from this threat with Carriers Cargo Insurance. It provides;

  • cover which will allow your customers to be reimbursed for insured loss or damage, irrespective of who is liable; and
  • cover for your liability for the loss or damage in terms of your contract of carriage.

Speak to us about Cargo and Transit Insurance today and the cover we can provide for you.