Tools & Equipment Insurance

Does your business have valuable tools and equipment that are used away from the premises?

If so, were you aware that they’re probably NOT covered by your building and contents insurance? Whether you use medical equipment, technical electrical equipment, musical instruments, surveying equipment or general tools of the trade, there are times when you’ll need to transport your valuable equipment away from your insured business location. And when you do, it’s important that that are covered by an insurance policy designed specifically for this purpose.

Most property insurance policies won’t cover items that are lost or damaged away from the insured premises, so it’s vital any valuable items are covered by a policy designed specifically for this purpose.

Some policies on the market will claim to provide suitable cover, but often they fail to cover you for the reasons you wanted the insurance in the first place. For example, many tool and equipment policies will not cover:

  • Theft if there is no evidence of forcible entry.
  • Items that are simply lost or go missing.
  • Items that are damaged or lost if left unattended.

We’ll take the time to understand the cover you need for your business tools and equipment and ensure they are properly protected by insurance companies that specialise in providing this cover.

Let us help you protect your business’ valuable tools and equipment by speaking to us today.