Travel Insurance

Most individuals are aware of the importance of travel insurance when they take off for holidays around Australia or overseas.

However, people travelling for business are at as much risk when travelling for pleasure, but rarely take the same precautions.

If you, your directors or employees travel for business, have you considered the sudden, unexpected and excessive expenses that can come about from this travel?

Emergency incidents that business travellers can face include:

  • Accidents and illness requiring immediate overseas medical treatment
  • Emergency medical evacuation due to injury or illness
  • Emergency political or natural disaster evacuation
  • Flight cancellations or delays resulting in unexpected additional, flight, accommodation and car expenses
  • Lost or stolen luggage, personal property, and money
  • Motor vehicle accidents in hire cars with expensive excesses

We specialise in providing businesses with cost-effective travel insurance policies to insure your business and people are financially protected from travel mishaps. Because we only use the most well-regarded travel insurance companies, we’ll arrange the policy to include leisure travel as well. This means spouses, partners, and children can be covered under the same policy.

As our corporate travel policies are annual policies, you don’t have to worry about arranging cover each time someone travels somewhere! Employees will be covered for the whole year.

Why not speak to someone about organising Travel Insurance for your business today? Get in touch to learn more about your cover and options.