Prestige Home & Motor Insurance

Home and motor insurance premium pricing is an important consideration for every home and car owner.

No-one wants to pay more than they have to, but it’s imperative to choose an insurer that will provide the compensation needed if you suffer a loss. Repeatedly, people place an overemphasis on price, and insure with budget insurance companies that don’t cover what they need. This can result in jeopardising their financial position and dissatisfaction when a claim occurs. If you have a prestige home or motor vehicle, why wouldn’t you protect them with an insurance policy that matches? Most mainstream insurance home and motor policies are not meant for high net worth assets.Let us recommend more specialised policies for prestige home and motor designed specifically to suit your needs.

Prestige Home

If your home burns to the ground, there’s not much to dispute about, and generally, you will get paid out what it’s insured for. But most home insurance claims are not total losses. They involve incidents such as damaged carpet or walls, broken or lost valuables, trees falling on buildings, leaking or burst water pipes and more. It’s these times when you need fast and fair claim handling.

Frequently, there are complaints that insurance companies have not responded fairly to these claims. Cash settlements are less than the replacement value, replacement materials are of poor quality, or the time settling a claim takes far too long.

It’s our priority to ensure our valued clients are protected by insurers with a reputation for doing the right thing. And that respond to incidents quickly and fairly. We have access to a number of Australian and international insurers who are highly regarded for their prestige home insurance products and service. If you have valuable home and contents, let us show you the best policies suited to your needs.

Prestige Motor

If you have invested in a prestige car, then you need cover that will protect that prestige car. We work with leading local and international insurers that specialise in high-end motor vehicle insurance only.

We can tailor a policy for you that will rate your premium specifically on your situation. We will factor in how often you use the car, the distance you drive, who drives the vehicle and any additional benefits you need.

In addition to the extremely competitive rates, some of the benefits on offer include:

• Your choice of repairer
• Vehicle hire following theft
• Agreed value so there is no dispute on the insured value
• Excess free windscreen cover
• Emergency accommodation

If you have a luxury motor vehicle let us show you the difference a specialised prestige motor vehicle insurance policy can make today! Contact us to learn more.