Revenue Protection Insurance

Commonly referred to as ‘business interruption’, revenue protection ensures that in the case of disaster your revenue is safe to allow your business to remain meeting ongoing fixed costs.

Have you ever considered what would happen to your business if an unexpected event occurred and it was completely disrupted?

Would you be able to continue to trade after such an event and manage your ongoing commitments and bills as per normal?

If this happens to you it’s likely your company won’t operate at full capacity, if at all, for some time. If revenue slows or stops as a result, you still need to meet your wages, rent and lease obligations as well as other ongoing fixed costs. And that’s before mentioning additional costs such as the hiring of replacement equipment or lease of new premises.

Following a disaster, the ramifications of these situations can be so severe it’s put companies out of business. With suitable Business Interruption Insurance, your company’s profit and ongoing business expenses can be protected, and you can continue to operate with minimal disturbance.

However, so many companies are unaware of all the benefits of a Business Interruption Insurance Policy. The fact is it can be the difference between your business surviving such an event or being forced to close its doors for good. We are here to show you how these policies can help you.

Commercial property owners, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers are just a few examples of businesses that should seriously consider Business Interruption Insurance. It can be the lifeline they need in these circumstances.

With access to some of the best business insurance policies on the market, we can help to ensure that your revenue is protected from disasters, so you have the peace of mind to keep you concentrating on the important things, like the day-to-day running of your business, instead.

Ready to protect your business from being interrupted today? Why not speak to our friendly staff and find out exactly what we can do for you?