Licensed Venues & Club Insurance

Our licensed club insurance packages offer all the necessary insurance protection that clubs require. RSL clubs, licensed sports, and leisure clubs and entertainment clubs, all require insurance that addresses the specific risk exposures faced by your patrons, staff, premises, and equipment.

In consultation with you or your management committee, our advisers will strive to truly understand your club and the types of risk exposures that you may face. And with connections to a range of specialist Australian and overseas insurers, we can develop individualised insurance packages, tailored to the specific needs of your licensed clubs.

Our insurance network currently provides coverage for over 120 clubs nationally including RSL’s, bowling, sport and leisure clubs. And our policies are designed specifically to provide broad coverage for all types of club risks including:

  • Building and Property
  • Public Liability
  • Company Directors
  • Travel
  • Members Insurance
  • Voluntary workers

Why not speak to our friendly staff today about insurance cover that suits your specific requirements.

We were delighted with the service and professionalism of Pender Insurance. The Club’s cover has been improved and our premium has reduced by over 20%.
Terry Kaperonis
CEO – Camden RSL