For many businesses, facilitating Workers’ Compensation can be a costly and time consuming exercise. It can easily be your business’s largest insurance expense.

However, there are ways to streamline the process in order to lower premiums and manage your Workers’ Compensation commitments more efficiently and affordably.

Pender Insurance can incorporate Workers’ Compensation into your tailored business insurance program. Our team of specialists are highly skilled in managing Workers’ Compensation injury claims, premium and compliance obligations.

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We recognise the time and expense involved in coordinating Workers’ Compensation. That’s why we’ve developed a strategic management plan, designed to assist you by getting workers back to work, and ensuring that businesses don’t pay more premiums than they have to.

With a dedicated Workers Compensation team, we can offer our clients:

  • Premium Management – review, advise and challenge where appropriate to ensure that you pay no more in premiums than you are legally obliged.
  • Injury Management – Our Injury Managerss will closely work with your staff, providing early injury intervention in the workplace, facilitating early recovery and sustainable return to work.
  • Claims Management – a proactive approach that keeps up-to-date with legislative requirements, reviews all claims with a view to facilitating quick wins and offers representation at Workers’ Compensation conciliation and arbitration forums.

If you would like Pender Insurance to act as your Workers Compensation advisers, please complete the ‘Workers Comp Letter of Authority’ form via the link below and send to our office.

Click here to download the Workers Comp Letter of Authority

Should you need to make a claim, Pender Insurance will proactively manage the process from beginning to end, keeping you regularly updated throughout. Our key goal is to negotiate decisively with your insurer to secure a positive solution for you and your business.

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